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Elephant Safari
Seated on the back of an elephant, experience wonderful viewpoint of the Chitwan jungle.  An elephant safari allows you to go places that would be impossible to get to by other means and get up close to the wild animals of the jungle.

Chitwan is a wonderful place for nature lovers, as more than 450 species of exotic birds such as the Oriental Pied Hornbill, Paradise Flycatcher, and Lesser Adjutant Stork are there in this place. Our experienced guides will take you to the various  spots suitable  for birding, where you can see a huge diversity of these beautiful birds.

Let your mind wander and relax as you float on a serene trip down the Rapti River in a traditional dugout canoe. Spot crocodiles and other reptiles sunning themselves on the riverbanks, or admire the graceful lines of Ibises and other waterfowl as you travel silently and peacefully down the river. This activity is available October to mid-March only, when the water level in the Rapti is neither too low nor too high.

Take an exciting and energizing, walk through the sub-tropical jungles of Chitwan. Our trained nature guides take you to prime spots to view deer, rhinos, sloth bears and other wildlife. They will also give you various information about the various plants and animals of the jungle throughout your walk.

Learn more about this giant  animal during our daily elephant briefing. Our expert nature guide will inform you of various facts about the life and habits of the wild elephants, the differences between the African and Asian elephants.

Get refreshed on one of the extremely hot  summer days by taking a refreshing dip in the waters of the Rapti River. You can help bathe the elephants, and get a unique “shower” as well! This activity is only offered in the warmer months (March to July, please inquire), as it is too cold for the elephants in winter.

The observation tower lets you quietly observe wildlife who are blissfully unaware of your presence, as well as allow you a chance to just relax and take in the views.