Chairman's Message

CAPA – Centre for Aviation launched in 1990, with a mission to make a strategic difference in aviation knowledge, delivered with the highest levels of intellectual integrity.

This has been our guiding force since 1990, during which time we have grown from a small team in Sydney to more than 100 people located around the world in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, the United Kingdom and the United States.

We are proud to have been ahead of the curve in predicting critical defining phenomena and trends that have impacted our industry, including low cost airlines and airports; airport privatisation; the rise of China, India and the Middle East; the disruptive impact of technology and big data; and the evolution of regulation and how the industry innovates in response.

Aviation is a truly fascinating industry and over the coming years, CAPA will continue on its mission of providing leadership in aviation knowledge.

Our aim is to make a difference.

Peter Harbison, Chairman Emeritus
CAPA - Centre for Aviation

Leadership Team

  • Peter Harbison
    Peter Harbison
    Chairman Emeritus
  • Derek Sadubin
    Derek Sadubin
    Managing Director
  • David Murray
    David Murray
    Chief Technology Officer

Management Team

  • Daniella Baxter
    Global Marketing Director
  • Sharon Dai
    Data, Product and Customer Solutions Director
  • Corinne Hitching
    Head of CAPA Europe & Global Speaker Engagement
  • Claudia Kunz
    Commercial Director
  • Marco Navarria
    Global Content Director

Analysts & Data Specialists

  • David Bentley
    Chief Airport Analyst
  • Lloyd Dunning-Mitchell
    Head of Fleet Research
  • Richard Maslen
    European Content Editor
  • Lori Ranson
    Senior Analyst, Americas
  • Jonathan Wober
    Chief Financial Analyst